American Airlines Updates Pet Policy: Companion Animals and Rolling Carry-Ons

In a recent move, American Airlines has revised its pet policy, allowing passengers to bring their furry companions into the cabin along with a full-size carry-on bag. This change comes as a welcome relief for pet owners who previously faced restrictions on their travel options.

The New Policy

Until now, travelers who brought their pets into the cabin were limited to one additional small item that could fit under the seat. Larger items, such as carry-on bags with wheels, had to be checked for a fee, or the pet could be placed in the cargo hold. This policy often left pet owners feeling frustrated, especially when they were already paying a pet fee.

American Airlines
American Airlines

A Fairer Approach

American Airlines’ updated policy strikes a fairer balance. Passengers can now bring their pets into the cabin while also carrying a regular-sized carry-on bag or a personal item. This change recognizes the importance of both human and animal comfort during air travel.

Reducing False Service Animal Claims

Additionally, this policy adjustment may help reduce instances of travelers falsely claiming their pets as service animals to avoid fees. By allowing pets and carry-ons together, American Airlines aims to enhance convenience and create a more comfortable experience for all passengers.

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