Challenges Faced by Retail Professionals in the ‘Phygital’ Era

In the dynamic landscape of retail, where the boundaries between physical and digital stores blur, the emergence of the “phygital” business model presents both opportunities and challenges. Retailers must navigate this fusion of physical and digital environments while ensuring an exceptional customer experience.

The Hybrid Professional Profile

Retail professionals operating in this new era require a unique skill set. They must seamlessly blend customer service expertise with a deep understanding of the technologies that enhance the customer journey. However, there is no one-size-fits-all profile for these visionaries. Instead, they possess a transversal vision of the business and a strong customer orientation.


Balancing Digital Immediacy and Human Interaction

In an omni-channel context, where consumers interact across various devices and platforms, retail faces the challenge of delivering a consistent and frictionless experience. The new professional profile must offer the immediacy and immersion characteristic of e-commerce without sacrificing the human touch. While automation streamlines processes, personalized service and empathy remain crucial to meeting diverse consumer needs.

Behind the Scenes: Inventory Management and Predictive Models

Accurate inventory management becomes essential in the phygital model. RFID radio frequency tags simplify processes, while artificial intelligence aids in developing predictive models for collection planning and omni-channel demand management.

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