Fran Marchena: Hoff’s CEO and Founder on Expanding Through Franchises

In the bustling world of fashion, where trends shift like the wind, one brand has managed to carve a unique niche for itself. Hoff, the Mediterranean sneaker brand, has risen from its humble beginnings in the Spanish province of Alicante to become a meteoric success story. Led by Fran Marchena, the company has achieved remarkable growth, closing a turnover of 53 million euros and a retail price of 90 million in less than eight years.

The City Silhouette: A Breakthrough

Hoff’s best-selling sneaker, the City silhouette, has captured hearts worldwide. With its 90s-inspired design and cosmopolitan flair, this model has become instantly recognizable on the streets. Fran Marchena attributes this success to a combination of factors: a robust expansion strategy, a diverse product range, and strategic partnerships.


Strategic Partnerships and Global Reach

Hoff’s journey to global recognition has been fueled by collaborations with key players. Partnerships with The White Company and artist John Booth in the UK, as well as Printemps and Lafayette in France, have propelled the brand onto the international map. The brand’s presence extends beyond Europe, with strategic franchise locations in Tel Aviv, Haifa, Santa Fe, Monterrey, Guatemala, Honduras, Bogota, and Panama.

Diversification and Ambitious Goals

Fran Marchena’s ambition knows no bounds. From a modest start, Hoff now boasts a turnover of 53 million euros and has opened 28 shops across the globe. The brand’s diversification into sandals, bags, and clothing has contributed to its success. Additionally, Hoff’s new sales channel through franchises has further accelerated growth.

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