Michelin’s Unveils Top-Ranked Hotels Around the World

Most hotel enthusiasts worldwide are eagerly awaiting the latest announcement from Michelin, as the renowned culinary rating organisation has unveiled its first list of top-ranked hotels on its new hospitality ranking system. Last year, Michelin had announced its decision to extend its prestigious ranking system to hotels, and the first batch of hotels to be rated are located in France, with plans to expand globally.

Michelin’s hotel rating system mirrors its well-known restaurant rating system, with a ‘One Key’ rating for special hotels, a ‘Two Key’ rank for exceptional hotels, and a coveted ‘Three Key’ benchmark reserved for the very best hotels. The meticulous evaluation process was conducted by a team of experts, resulting in a list of 24 Three Key hotels, 38 Two Key hotels, and 127 One Key hotels.

Top-Ranked Hotels
Top-Ranked Hotels

Among the top-ranked hotels are iconic properties such as the Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc in Antibes, a historic 19th-century hotel nestled in a tranquil pine forest overlooking the sea. Another standout on the list is the legendary Ritz Paris, founded by César Ritz and frequented by esteemed guests like Chopin, Proust, and Coco Chanel.

The comprehensive list of top-ranked hotels can be found on Michelin’s official website, showcasing a diverse selection of luxurious accommodations that have met the stringent criteria set by the esteemed rating system.

As Michelin continues to expand its hotel ranking system globally, travelers can look forward to discovering and experiencing the very best in hospitality across different continents. The unveiling of these top-ranked hotels sets a new standard for luxury accommodations, providing discerning guests with unparalleled experiences and service.

Stay tuned for more updates from Michelin as they further explore and recognize exceptional hotels around the world, offering travelers a curated selection of the finest establishments to choose from for their next destination.

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