“Ozempig” Remains St. Paul Saints Mascot Despite Uproar

In a surprising turn of events, the St. Paul Saints minor league baseball team has decided to stand by their beloved live pig mascot, Ozempig, despite the controversy surrounding its name. The decision has sparked heated debates on social media, with some accusing the team of body shaming and insensitivity.

Ozempig, named after the weight loss drug Ozempic, has been a fixture at the team’s games played at CHS Field in downtown St. Paul. The pig’s role involves carrying out balls to the umpire, but over the course of the summer, it becomes noticeably larger. In fact, another young pig takes over midway through the season due to Ozempig’s substantial growth.


The Naming Controversy

The team’s choice of name was intended to be amusing and topical. After receiving nearly 2,300 entries in their “Name the Pig Contest,” the St. Paul Saints settled on Ozempig. However, not everyone found it funny. Critics argue that the play on words belittles people who struggle with weight issues.

Intent vs. Impact

Sean Aronson, the Saints’ vice president and media relations director, expressed surprise at the negative reaction. He emphasized that there was no ill-intent or maliciousness behind the name selection. The team merely sought a catchy moniker for their porcine mascot.

A History of Amusing Promotions

The St. Paul Saints have a reputation for outlandish promotions, including attaching fans to Velcro walls in the outfield and hosting races between people dressed as giant eyeballs. Naming their pig mascot after a high-profile weight loss drug seemed like a natural extension of their quirky approach.

The Final Decision

Despite the uproar, the team decided to keep Ozempig as their mascot. Whether this decision will impact fan sentiment or attendance remains to be seen. For now, the pig will continue its duties at the ballpark, blissfully unaware of the controversy swirling around its name.

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