BA and CemAir partner to offer more connections in South Africa

British Airways and CemAir, a South African regional carrier, have signed and implemented an interline agreement that allows customers to book and travel seamlessly between the two airlines. The agreement, which was announced on Monday, opens up more destinations in South Africa through BA’s gateways of Johannesburg and Cape Town. The agreement also benefits the customers of both airlines, as they can enjoy the convenience of single-ticket itineraries, baggage transfers, and access to lounges and frequent flyer programmes.

More destinations for BA customers in South Africa

The interline agreement between BA and CemAir enables BA customers to access more destinations in South Africa that are exclusively served by CemAir. These destinations include popular leisure and business locations, such as:

  • Bloemfontein, the judicial capital of South Africa and the birthplace of J.R.R. Tolkien.
  • Kimberley, the diamond mining city and the site of the Big Hole, the largest hand-dug excavation in the world.
  • Margate, a coastal town and a popular holiday destination on the Indian Ocean.
  • Durban, the third-largest city in South Africa and a major port and tourist attraction.
  • Hoedspruit, a town near the Kruger National Park and the gateway to the wildlife and nature reserves.
  • Plettenberg Bay, a seaside town and a hotspot for whale and dolphin watching.
  • George, a city on the Garden Route and a hub for golf and outdoor activities.
  • Maun, a town in Botswana and the base for exploring the Okavango Delta and the Moremi Game Reserve.
  • Victoria Falls, a town in Zimbabwe and the home of the spectacular waterfall and the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The agreement also allows BA customers to connect to these destinations through Johannesburg and Cape Town, where BA operates double-daily and up to triple daily flights respectively. BA has the largest capacity into South Africa of any European carrier, and offers a wide network of over 170 destinations worldwide.


More benefits for CemAir customers in South Africa and beyond

The interline agreement between BA and CemAir also offers more benefits for CemAir customers, as they can enjoy the services and products of BA, one of the world’s leading airlines. These benefits include:

  • The convenience of single-ticket itineraries, which means that customers can book their flights on both airlines through one website, one reservation, and one payment.
  • The ease of baggage transfers, which means that customers can check in their bags at their origin and collect them at their final destination, without having to re-check them at the connecting airport.
  • The access to lounges and frequent flyer programmes, which means that customers can use the lounges of both airlines at the airports, and earn and redeem miles and points on both airlines’ loyalty schemes.
  • The quality and reliability of BA, which means that customers can experience the high standards of safety, service, and comfort that BA offers on its flights, such as the lie-flat seats, the in-flight entertainment, and the complimentary food and drinks.

The agreement also allows CemAir customers to connect to the global network of BA, which covers Europe, North America, South America, Asia, and Australia. This means that customers can travel to more destinations around the world with ease and convenience.

A win-win partnership for both airlines

The interline agreement between BA and CemAir is a win-win partnership for both airlines, as it enhances their offerings and strengthens their positions in the South African market. Neil Chernoff, BA’s Director of Network and Alliances, said: “We’re excited to launch this new interline agreement with CemAir, providing customers with more options when travelling within South Africa. This is good news for flyers wanting to see more of the country and expand their travel itineraries.”

Miles van der Molen, CemAir’s CEO, said: “We are delighted to partner with BA, a name synonymous with quality and elegance. With roots dating back to 1919, BA has been the constant in the rapidly changing airline industry for over a hundred years. Our interline agreement provides our customers with convenience and savings as they can now seamlessly connect from our flights to the vast global network of this iconic airline. As we continue our expansion during the post-COVID recovery period we realise that now, more than ever, partnerships are key to our success. Working with market leaders like BA is a further demonstration of our commitment to our customers to provide the best service and value.”

The agreement is effective immediately, and customers can book their flights on both airlines through their websites, travel agents, or call centres.

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