Brooke Burke reveals she was tempted to have an affair with Derek Hough on DWTS

Brooke Burke, the former host and winner of Dancing with the Stars, has confessed that she was attracted to her dance partner Derek Hough during their time on the show. The pair won the seventh season of the ABC reality competition in 2008, but Burke was married to actor David Charvet at the time.

A ‘magical’ experience

In an episode of Cheryl Burke’s podcast Sex, Lies, and Spray Tans, Brooke Burke opened up about her strong bond with Derek Hough and how they almost crossed the line. She said that she felt a connection with him that was “more intimate than making love in a bedroom” because of the physical closeness and constant interaction.

Brooke Burke

She recalled how they spent most of their time together while dancing and rehearsing, and how they shared fear, trust, and energy. She said that she felt like he was a young man and she was a woman and a mother, and that they were not on the same page at first. She revealed that they even went to a life coach therapy session to improve their relationship.

She also admitted that she was “tempted” by him all the time, and that if she was not married, she would have hoped for a love affair with him. She said that her former husband encouraged her to get closer to him, but she never acted on her feelings.

A successful partnership

Brooke Burke and Derek Hough are one of the most popular duos in the history of Dancing with the Stars. They impressed the judges and the viewers with their chemistry and skills, and lifted the trophy in 2008. They performed various styles of dance, such as jive, tango, salsa, quickstep, and freestyle.

They also received several perfect scores from the judges, including for their Viennese waltz and their paso doble. They beat other celebrities such as Lance Bass, Warren Sapp, Cloris Leachman, and Kim Kardashian.

A friendly relationship

Despite their attraction, Brooke Burke and Derek Hough never crossed the line and remained friends after the show. They have supported each other’s careers and personal lives over the years. Brooke Burke has hosted several TV shows, such as She’s Got the Look, Hidden Heroes, and Chicken Soup for the Soul’s Animal Tales. She has also launched her own fitness app and website, Brooke Burke Body.

Derek Hough has continued to be a successful dancer and choreographer, winning six seasons of Dancing with the Stars. He has also appeared as a judge on World of Dance, a performer on High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, and a host on The Disney Family Singalong. He is currently dating singer Hayley Erbert.

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