Disney Plans to Spend $60 Billion on Theme Parks and Cruises in the Next Decade

Disney has announced that it will invest $60 billion in its theme parks, cruise lines and resorts over the next 10 years, almost doubling its spending in a division that generates most of its profits. The company said it will use the money to expand its capacity, improve its facilities and services, and create new attractions and experiences for its guests. Disney said it expects the investment to boost its revenue and earnings, as well as its brand and reputation.


Disney’s Theme Parks and Cruises Are Its Main Source of Income

Disney’s theme parks and cruises are its main source of income, accounting for about 70% of its operating income and 40% of its revenue in 2023. The division, which includes six theme park resorts, four cruise ships, and dozens of hotels and resorts around the world, has been growing steadily in recent years, despite the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Disney said it has seen strong demand and loyalty from its guests, especially from its international markets, such as China and France. Disney said it has also benefited from its innovative and immersive offerings, such as its Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and Avengers Campus lands, its Frozen and Marvel-themed attractions, and its Disney Genie and MagicBand technologies.

Disney said it expects the growth and popularity of its theme parks and cruises to continue in the future, as more people seek out entertainment and travel options that are safe, fun, and memorable.

Disney’s Investment Will Cover Every Theme Park and Cruise Line

Disney said its investment will cover every theme park and cruise line, as well as its other resorts and properties. The company said it will spend about $60 billion over the next decade, compared to about $35 billion in the previous decade. About 70% of the investment will go to projects that will increase its capacity, such as adding more lands, attractions, hotels, and ships. The rest will go to projects that will enhance its quality, such as upgrading its infrastructure, technology, and sustainability.

Disney said it will prioritize projects that will generate high returns, as well as projects that will reflect its core values and vision. Disney said it will also consider the needs and preferences of its guests, as well as the trends and opportunities in the industry and the market.

Some of the projects that Disney has already announced or started include:

  • A new land based on the movie Zootopia at Shanghai Disney Resort
  • A new land based on the movie Frozen at Hong Kong Disneyland
  • A new land based on the movie Moana at Walt Disney World Resort
  • A new land based on the movie Toy Story at Disneyland Paris
  • A new cruise ship called Disney Wish, which will feature a Frozen-themed restaurant and a Marvel-themed lounge
  • A new home port in Singapore, which will serve as a base for its Asian cruises

Disney’s Investment Will Create Jobs and Boost the Economy

Disney said its investment will create jobs and boost the economy, both in the US and abroad. The company said it will hire thousands of workers, both directly and indirectly, to design, build, operate, and maintain its theme parks and cruises. The company said it will also support thousands of businesses, such as suppliers, contractors, and vendors, that will provide goods and services to its projects.

Disney said its investment will also generate tax revenue and economic activity for the communities and countries where it operates. The company said it will also contribute to the social and environmental well-being of those areas, by supporting education, health, and conservation initiatives.

Disney said its investment will also benefit its shareholders, by increasing its cash flow and earnings per share. The company said it will also enhance its brand and reputation, by delivering high-quality and innovative products and experiences to its guests.

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