Far Rockaway’s New Dawn: 155 Rent-Stabilized Apartments Welcome Applicants

In a significant development for affordable housing, Far Rockaway, Queens, has launched a housing lottery for 155 rent-stabilized apartments. This initiative is part of a broader effort to revitalize the area and provide quality housing at accessible prices.

A Beacon of Affordability

The new development at 1605 Village Lane stands as a testament to New York City’s commitment to affordable housing. With rents starting as low as $410 for a studio, the project caters to households earning between $16,972 and $140,080. The building boasts amenities such as bike storage, a party room, and a rooftop terrace, making it not just affordable but desirable.

The project is spearheaded by Phipps Houses and is the largest in their history. It represents a significant portion of the $1 billion investment in Far Rockaway, which includes 1,700 new affordable apartments, a public plaza, and commercial space.

Far Rockaway
Far Rockaway

Community and Inclusion

In line with New York City’s policies, 50% of the apartments are reserved for current residents of the area, promoting community stability and growth. Additionally, a percentage of the units are allocated for NYC employees and residents with mobility, vision, and hearing needs, ensuring inclusivity.

The development’s location is strategically chosen for convenience, nestled between the Far Rockaway train station and the subway station, enhancing connectivity for its residents.

The Path Forward

As the application deadline of May 14th approaches, the excitement is palpable among potential applicants. This development is more than just a housing project; it’s a step towards a more inclusive and equitable New York City.

The Far Rockaway housing lottery is a beacon of hope for many, signaling a commitment to not just build houses, but to foster communities and improve lives.

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