Fortnum & Mason celebrates love with street art collaboration

Fortnum & Mason, the iconic British luxury retailer, has launched a new Valentine’s Day campaign, titled “Unleash the Love”, which features a collaboration with six street artists. The campaign aims to celebrate all forms of love, beyond the romantic, and to spread joy and positivity in the store and online.

Fortnum & Mason
Fortnum & Mason

Street artists create love-inspired artworks for the store windows

The campaign, which was curated by art collective Gone Rogue, showcases the works of six street artists, who were given a one-word brief of “love” and total creative freedom. The artists are ALO, Olly Howe, Luap, Ben Allen, Opake, and David Speed, and their artworks vary in style, technique, and interpretation.

The artworks are displayed in the windows of the Piccadilly store, creating a vibrant and diverse visual spectacle for the passers-by and customers. The artworks are also available for purchase online, and the proceeds will go to charity.

The artists shared their inspirations and messages behind their artworks, which range from the love of nature and animals, to the love of self and others, to the love of art and music. Some of the artworks also draw on the Greek philosophy of the eight types of love, such as Eros (romantic love), Philia (friendship), Agape (universal love), and Storge (familial love).

Store invites customers to unleash the love with interactive display

The campaign also invites customers to unleash the love themselves, by participating in an interactive display in the central atrium of the store. The display consists of a large eau de Nil heart, which customers can decorate with bespoke stickers, expressing their love for someone or something.

The display also features a flurry of floating hearts, rotating from the ceiling to the ground floor, creating a festive and romantic atmosphere in the store. The display will be up until the end of March, and customers can also share their love online, using the hashtag #UnleashTheLove.

The campaign is complemented by a new collection of products, inspired by the graphic motifs of the eight types of love. The collection includes chocolates, tea, hampers, and other gifts, which customers can buy for themselves or their loved ones.

Campaign celebrates love in all its forms and colours

The campaign is a reflection of Fortnum & Mason’s vision and values, which are rooted in celebrating love in all its forms and colours. The campaign also aims to spread joy and positivity in these challenging times, and to support the art and charity sectors.

Sallie Smith, Fortnum’s Head of Visual Presentation, said: “Fortnum’s love to work with and support all forms of art, and having our new heart boxes in an exciting graffiti design seemed the perfect opportunity to work with street artists in producing this window run. Giving the single word brief of ‘love’, allowed each artist to truly express what ‘love’ meant to them in their own individual style. The thought behind the campaign is that love is much bigger than Valentines, and can take on many forms, so I am thrilled to have 6 incredible, and completely different pieces displayed in our windows.”

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