HGTV Star Tarek El Moussa Faces Backlash for Evicting North Hollywood Tenants

Residents of a 98-year-old complex receive eviction notices from El Moussa’s company

A group of tenants in North Hollywood are protesting against their eviction by HGTV real estate star Tarek El Moussa, who plans to demolish their rent-controlled, 98-year-old complex and build a new, modern, 138-unit building. The tenants, who have lived in the complex for decades, say they are being forced out of their affordable homes and community by El Moussa’s company, which bought the property in June 2023.


El Moussa, who hosts the popular HGTV shows “Flip or Flop” and “Flipping 101 with Tarek El Moussa”, announced the project on his social media as his “biggest flip ever”. He said he was excited to transform the “old and rundown” complex into a “state-of-the-art” apartment building with a rooftop pool and “super modern” decor. He also said he would include 14 low-income units in the new building, as required by the city.

However, the tenants say they are not impressed by El Moussa’s vision and that they want to stay in their homes, which they consider historic and charming. They say they have formed a close-knit community over the years and that they cannot afford to move to another place in the expensive Los Angeles market. They also say they have endured harassment and violence from their previous landlord, who was convicted of murder-for-hire plots and arsons against some of the tenants.

Tenants demand a dialogue with El Moussa and the city

The tenants say they have not been able to talk to El Moussa or his company directly and that they have only received eviction notices and offers of relocation assistance. They say they want to have a dialogue with El Moussa and the city about possible alternatives to the demolition of their complex. They suggest that El Moussa could develop the empty lot next to the complex or renovate the existing units instead of tearing them down.

They also say they want to preserve the historic value of their complex, which was built in 1925 and is one of the oldest in North Hollywood. They say the complex has unique features such as hardwood floors, built-in cabinets, and archways that reflect the architectural style of the era. They say they have contacted the Los Angeles Conservancy and other preservation groups to seek their support.

The tenants have also organized a petition on to stop the eviction and demolition of their complex. The petition has gathered over 10,000 signatures so far and has received media attention from local outlets such as ABC7 Los Angeles, KTLA, and NBC Los Angeles. The petition states:

  • We are asking Tarek El Moussa to reconsider his plans for this property and work with us, the tenants, and the city to find a solution that preserves our homes and our community. We are not against development, but we are against displacement. We believe that there is a way to balance progress and preservation, and we hope that Tarek El Moussa will join us in this effort.

El Moussa says he is working closely and respectfully with the current tenants

In response to the tenants’ outcry, El Moussa’s media representative issued a statement saying that he is working closely and respectfully with the current tenants by providing proper move-out compensation and constructing a safe and pristine new apartment complex that will also include 14 low-income units. The statement also said:

  • Tarek is sympathetic to the current tenants’ situation. He understands that this is a big change for them, but he hopes that they will see the positive impact that this project will have on the neighborhood and the community. He is confident that this project will create more housing opportunities for people who want to live in North Hollywood.

El Moussa has not commented personally on the controversy yet. He is currently busy with his TV shows and his personal life. He recently got engaged to his girlfriend Heather Rae Young, who is also a real estate agent and a star of Netflix’s “Selling Sunset”. He also shares custody of his two children with his ex-wife Christina Hall, who co-hosts “Flip or Flop” with him.

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