Lewiston Massacre: Maine’s Deadliest Shooting Leaves 18 Dead, Suspect on the Run

On Wednesday night, October 25, 2023, a gunman opened fire at two locations in Lewiston, Maine, killing 18 people and injuring 13 others. The suspect, identified as Robert Card, 40, is still at large and considered armed and dangerous.

The first shooting occurred at a bowling alley and bar called Just-In-Time, where seven people were killed and several others wounded. The second shooting took place at a restaurant called Schemengee Bar and Grill, where eight people were killed, including one outside the establishment. Three more victims died at the hospital.

The motive for the shootings is unknown, but authorities said Card has a history of military service and is a firearms instructor. He was last seen driving a black Ford F-150 pickup truck with Maine license plate number 8A-1234.


How did the authorities and the public react?

The authorities responded swiftly to the shootings, deploying over 100 investigators from various law enforcement agencies to search for the suspect. They also issued a shelter-in-place advisory for Lewiston and nearby towns of Bowdoin, Auburn and Lisbon, urging residents to stay indoors and lock their doors. Businesses were told to close and schools were canceled for Thursday.

The governor of Maine, Janet Mills, expressed her profound sadness and condolences to the families of the victims. She said the attack struck at the heart of Maine’s values and safety. She also warned the public not to approach the suspect under any circumstances and to call 911 immediately if they see him.

The mayor of Lewiston, Mark Cayer, said he was shocked and devastated by the tragedy. He said Lewiston is a tight-knit community that will overcome this challenge together. He also thanked the first responders and the health care workers for their heroic efforts.

The president of the United States, Kamala Harris, also issued a statement condemning the violence and offering federal assistance to Maine. She said she was heartbroken by the loss of life and called for action to prevent such senseless gun violence in the future.

How did the survivors and witnesses describe the scene?

Some of the survivors and witnesses of the shootings shared their harrowing experiences with the media. They described hearing gunshots, seeing blood and bodies, and hiding or running for their lives.

A mother who was at the bowling alley with her 11-year-old daughter said she lay on top of her child to protect her from the bullets. She said she heard the gunman say “I’m sorry” before he started shooting. She said she prayed for God to save them.

A man who was at the restaurant said he saw the gunman walk in with a rifle and a handgun. He said he ducked under a table and crawled to the back door. He said he heard about 30 shots in total. He said he saw people lying on the floor, some dead and some wounded.

A woman who lives near the restaurant said she heard gunshots from her home. She said she looked out her window and saw a man running across the street with a gun. She said he shot another man who was standing outside his car. She said she called 911 and stayed inside her house.

What is known about the suspect?

Robert Card is a white male, about 6 feet tall and 200 pounds, with brown hair and blue eyes. He was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt, jeans, and a baseball cap at the time of the shootings.

According to police sources, Card has a military background and is a certified firearms instructor. He has no criminal record in Maine, but he has been involved in some domestic disputes in the past. He is believed to have access to multiple weapons.

Card is considered extremely dangerous and unpredictable. Police have not established any connection between him and the victims or the locations of the shootings. They have not ruled out any possible motive, including terrorism, hate crime, or personal vendetta.

Police have asked anyone with information about Card or his whereabouts to contact them immediately. They have also released his photo and vehicle description to the public.

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