Man shot in Louisville’s Highlands neighborhood, police investigating

A man was shot in the Highlands early Saturday morning, according to Louisville Metro Police. It happened around 3 a.m. when LMPD Fifth Division officers responded to the report of a shooting in the 900 block of Baxter Avenue.

When they got there, police found a man who had been shot. He was taken to UofL Hospital with what police said appeared to be non-life-threatening injuries.

The shooting occurred near Wick’s Pizza Parlor, which is located at 975 Baxter Avenue. The restaurant was closed at the time of the incident and no employees or customers were involved, according to a statement from Wick’s Pizza.

The statement also said that the restaurant is cooperating with the police investigation and that they are “deeply saddened by this senseless act of violence.”

Man shot in Louisville’s

No suspects or motive identified yet

LMPD’s Non-Fatal Shooting Unit is investigating the shooting, and there are no suspects at this time. Police have not released any information about the possible motive or circumstances of the shooting.

Anyone with information is asked to call the anonymous Crime Tip Hotline at 502-574-LMPD (5673) or use the anonymous LMPD Crime Tip Portal.

Louisville mayor reacts to weekend violence

The shooting in the Highlands was one of several violent incidents that occurred in Louisville over the weekend. On Friday night, a woman was killed and a man was injured in a shooting on West Broadway. On Saturday night, a man was killed and another was injured in a shooting on South 28th Street.

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer expressed his frustration and sorrow over the weekend violence on Twitter. He said that there are “far too many guns in our streets” and that he is working with LMPD and community partners to prevent and reduce gun violence.

He also urged anyone with information about any of the shootings to come forward and help the police solve these cases.

How to stay safe in the Highlands

The Highlands is one of the most popular and diverse neighborhoods in Louisville, known for its restaurants, bars, shops, and parks. However, it is not immune to crime and violence, as the recent shooting shows.

Residents and visitors of the Highlands can take some steps to stay safe and protect themselves from potential dangers. Some of these steps are:

  • Be aware of your surroundings and avoid walking alone at night or in unfamiliar areas.
  • Lock your doors and windows and secure your valuables when you leave your home or car.
  • Report any suspicious activity or behavior to the police or call 911 if you witness a crime or emergency.
  • Join or start a neighborhood watch group or block club to foster a sense of community and security.
  • Support local businesses and organizations that promote peace and harmony in the neighborhood.

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