Modefabriek showcases womenswear and international brands at FW24 edition

Modefabriek, the Dutch fashion fair, has undergone several changes in recent editions, as it adapted to the current developments and challenges in the fashion industry. The fair, which has been around since 1996, has decided to focus entirely on womenswear and internationalization, starting from 2024. The winter 2024 edition, which took place on January 21 and 22 at the RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre, reflected this new direction, as it presented a more complete and diverse range of women’s fashion brands and collections.


A women’s world

Modefabriek’s CEO and owner, Caroline Krouwels, explained the rationale behind the new focus on womenswear: “We all work in fashion to meet the challenges of a constantly changing world with vigor, beauty and creativity. Modefabriek wouldn’t be Modefabriek if we shied away from current developments. What we do, we like to do very well, and the fashion industry thrives on serving the modern woman. It’s a women’s world!”

The fair, which spanned less than two halls with 380 exhibiting brands, offered a wide variety of styles and segments for women, from the strongest Dutch and Northern European brands, to the latest women’s collections from major global brands, to the more Mediterranean, super-feminine labels. The fair also introduced new concepts and areas, such as Spotlight, where 30 new fashion and lifestyle brands could be found; The Next Closet, a vintage platform pop-up store offering second-hand garments from brands and high-end designers; and the Responsible Route, which highlighted sustainable brands and initiatives.

An international platform

Modefabriek also aimed to become a more international platform, as it attracted more foreign brands and visitors. According to the fair, the number of visitors from across the border increased by 20 percent for Germans and 10 percent for Belgians, compared to the previous edition. The fair also planned to intensify its focus on international visitors in the coming year, due to its success.

The fair also showcased a more international range of brands and collections, from countries such as France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, and the UK. Some of the notable international brands that participated in the fair were American Vintage, Bellerose, Des Petits Hauts, Fluresk, JcSophie, and Label Dot. The fair also featured a special area dedicated to Spanish brands, such as Alba Conde, Caster Jeans, and Smash.

A positive vibe

The fair received a positive feedback from both exhibitors and visitors, who appreciated the new focus and the quality of the fair. The exhibitors praised the fair for its organization, its innovation, and its atmosphere. They also reported good sales and contacts, and expressed their satisfaction with the fair. The visitors, on the other hand, enjoyed the diversity and the creativity of the brands and collections, and the opportunity to discover new labels and trends. They also liked the fair’s layout, its design, and its services.

The fair also created a positive vibe, as it celebrated the joy and the passion of fashion, and the resilience and the optimism of the fashion industry. The fair’s slogan, “It’s a women’s world”, was not only a statement of its new direction, but also a tribute to the women who work in fashion, and who inspire and empower other women with their style and their vision.

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