Mystery Travel: The New Trend in the Travel Industry

Mystery travel is a new trend in the travel industry, where travelers book a trip without knowing the destination or the itinerary until the last minute. This concept appeals to travelers who are looking for a surprise, an adventure, or a break from the routine. Several air and cruise lines have embraced this trend, offering mystery travel packages to their customers.

How Does Mystery Travel Work?

Mystery travel works differently depending on the provider, but the general idea is that travelers pay a fixed price for a package that includes flights, accommodation, and sometimes activities. The travelers then receive clues or hints about their destination, or they can choose to keep it a complete secret until they arrive at the airport or the port. Some providers also allow travelers to customize their preferences, such as the type of destination, the climate, the budget, or the travel style.

Mystery Travel
Mystery Travel

Some examples of mystery travel providers are:

  • Qantas: The Australian airline launched its Mystery Flight Weekend Adventures in March, offering three domestic destinations from Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne. The flights include a day’s worth of activities, such as wine tasting, snorkeling, or hiking, as well as discounts on accommodation and car rental. The destinations are revealed two days before departure, and the prices start from AUD 737 per person.
  • Royal Caribbean: The cruise line introduced its Mystery Cruise in April, offering a seven-night sailing from Southampton, UK, to an unknown destination in Europe. The cruise includes meals, entertainment, and gratuities, as well as a mystery shore excursion. The destination is revealed on the day of departure, and the prices start from GBP 599 per person.
  • Lufthansa: The German airline launched its Surprise Trips in 2016, offering flights to 28 European destinations from Frankfurt and Munich. The travelers can choose from nine categories, such as Nature, Shopping, or Party, and exclude up to three destinations they don’t want to visit. The destination is revealed after the booking is completed, and the prices start from EUR 69 per person.

Why is Mystery Travel Popular?

Mystery travel is popular for several reasons, such as:

  • Curiosity: Mystery travel satisfies the curiosity and the sense of wonder of travelers, who enjoy the thrill of discovering new places and experiences. Mystery travel also adds an element of fun and excitement to the travel planning process, as travelers anticipate and guess their destination and itinerary.
  • Convenience: Mystery travel saves time and effort for travelers, who don’t have to research and compare various options and deals. Mystery travel also eliminates the stress and anxiety of making decisions and dealing with expectations. Travelers can simply trust the experts and let them handle the details.
  • Adventure: Mystery travel challenges travelers to step out of their comfort zone and embrace the unexpected. Mystery travel also encourages travelers to be more flexible and adaptable, as they may encounter situations or cultures they are not familiar with. Travelers can also discover hidden gems and off-the-beaten-path destinations that they may not have considered otherwise.

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