123NET and Detroit Pistons Join Forces to Enhance Connectivity

The Detroit Pistons, one of the most successful teams in the NBA, have announced a new partnership with 123NET, an industry-leading Michigan-based Internet Service Provider. The partnership, which starts from the 2023-24 season, aims to improve the communication infrastructure at the heart of the Pistons’ operations at the Henry Ford Detroit Pistons Performance Center.

123NET will provide the Pistons with cutting-edge internet and network solutions, setting the stage for unparalleled connectivity and network redundancy at their facility. This collaboration will benefit not only the Pistons’ staff and players but also their global fanbase, who will enjoy faster and more reliable access to the team’s content and updates.

123NET and Detroit Pistons

123NET and Pistons share a common vision of excellence

The partnership between 123NET and the Pistons is based on a shared vision of excellence and innovation. Both entities are prominent in their respective fields and have a strong commitment to serving the Michigan community.

“Teamwork thrives on seamless connectivity, and our partnership with 123NET ensures a resilient digital ecosystem that will elevate the experience for our team and global fanbase,” said Paul Rapier, Vice President of Information Technology for the Detroit Pistons. “123NET boasts a proven track record in delivering top-tier internet and connectivity services to businesses and communities statewide. We are excited to welcome 123NET to our team, enhancing our capabilities further.”

123NET brings a home court advantage to the table

123NET has over 25 years of working with Michigan’s top businesses and continues to invest in infrastructure to bring improved connectivity to more local communities. The company operates one of the largest carrier-neutral data centers in the state and peers with technology leaders such as Google, AWS, GM and others.

“The Pistons were searching for a local Michigan partner, and 123NET brings a home court advantage to the table. The Pistons can be confident that 123NET has the ability and expertise to immediately assist the team with technology and customer services that go well beyond what national providers offer,” said Dan Irvin, 123NET’s CEO. “123NET is excited to see this partnership come to life and we look forward to cheering from the stands this season.”

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