Senate Republicans split over who should be the next House Speaker

The House GOP is in turmoil after the ouster of Rep. Kevin McCarthy as Speaker, and the race to replace him has exposed deep divisions among Senate Republicans. Some senators are backing Rep. Jim Jordan, a staunch ally of former President Trump, while others are supporting Rep. Steve Scalise, the House Minority Leader who is seen as more pragmatic and cooperative.

Senate Republicans

Trump endorses Jordan, but Scalise has more support in the Senate

Rep. Jim Jordan, a founding member of the conservative Freedom Caucus and a vocal critic of President Biden, has received the endorsement of Trump, who announced his support on his new social media platform, Truth Social. Trump praised Jordan as “a fighter that doesn’t back down” and said he “will be a GREAT Speaker of the House.”

However, many Senate Republicans are wary of Jordan’s confrontational style and his role in leading the House impeachment inquiry against Biden, which they see as a political mistake that could hurt the GOP’s chances in the 2024 election. They prefer Scalise, who has a reputation for being a skilled negotiator and a loyal deputy to McCarthy.

Sen. Mike Braun of Indiana was the first Republican senator to endorse Jordan, but he seems to be in the minority. Sen. John Cornyn of Texas, a close ally of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, said he hoped Scalise would win the Speaker’s race. Sen. John Thune of South Dakota, the second-ranking Republican in the Senate, also expressed his support for Scalise.

McConnell laments McCarthy’s removal, praises his partnership

McConnell, who has often clashed with Trump and his allies, was visibly disappointed by McCarthy’s removal from House leadership. He praised McCarthy as “a partner I could trust to be honest and candid” and credited him for securing the nation’s debt limit increase earlier this month.

McConnell also said he had a good working relationship with Scalise and hoped that he would continue McCarthy’s legacy of cooperation with the Senate. He said he did not know Jordan well and declined to comment on his candidacy.

McCarthy was ousted by a vote of 145-102 on Monday, after a group of hardline conservatives accused him of being too weak and compromising with Democrats. The vote came as a surprise to many Republicans, who expected McCarthy to easily win re-election as Speaker.

House GOP faces uncertainty and chaos amid leadership crisis

The House GOP is now facing a period of uncertainty and chaos, as it tries to elect a new Speaker before the end of the year. The vote is expected to be close and contentious, with no clear frontrunner emerging yet.

The leadership crisis could also have serious consequences for the country, as Congress faces several urgent issues, such as funding the government, raising the debt ceiling, passing the defense authorization bill, and responding to the Russian aggression against Ukraine.

Some House Republicans have expressed frustration with the Senate GOP for not backing their demands for more border security funding and less aid to Ukraine. They have also criticized McConnell for cutting a deal with Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to pass a stopgap spending bill that would keep the government open until February.

However, some Senate Republicans have warned that shutting down the government or defaulting on the debt would be disastrous for the GOP and the nation. They have urged their House colleagues to act responsibly and avoid a damaging impasse.

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