Skyscanner Predicts Top Travel Trends for 2024

Cultural Exploration is a Priority

According to the report, more than ever before, travelers are seeking cultural experiences that allow them to immerse themselves in different aspects of their chosen destinations. They want to travel with intention and purpose, and explore the local food, attractions, music, and entertainment.

Some of the travel vibes that travelers are after include:

  • Gig-tripping: Travelers are willing to fly short-haul or long-haul to see their favorite artists or bands perform live. Some of the major music artists who have announced world tours for 2024 are Adele, Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, and BTS.
  • Set-jetting: Travelers are inspired by movies and TV shows to visit the destinations where they were filmed. Some of the popular destinations that have been featured in recent films and shows are New Zealand (The Lord of the Rings), Croatia (Game of Thrones), Scotland (Outlander), and Greece (Mamma Mia).
  • Foodie faves: Travelers are looking for the best food experiences in their destinations, whether it is street food, fine dining, or local specialties. Some of the top foodie destinations for 2024 are Japan, Italy, Thailand, and Mexico.

Value for Money Remains a Key Factor

Despite the economic challenges posed by the pandemic, travelers are planning to spend more on travel in 2024 than in 2023. However, they are also looking for ways to enhance their holidays in a cost-effective way, such as:

  • Luxe-for-less: Travelers are seeking luxury experiences at affordable prices, such as staying in boutique hotels, flying in premium economy or business class, or booking all-inclusive packages.
  • Everywhere search: Travelers are open to spontaneity and adventure on a budget, and use Skyscanner’s “Everywhere” search tool to find the cheapest flights to any destination in the world. In fact, “Everywhere” topped the list as the most searched-for destination on Skyscanner this year.
  • Flexible booking: Travelers are looking for flexibility and peace of mind when booking their trips, and opt for refundable or changeable tickets, travel insurance, and COVID-19 testing options.

Trending and Best-Value Destinations

The report also reveals the top 10 destinations with the biggest year-on-year increase in searches, as well as the top 10 cheapest destinations based on average flight costs.

The trending destinations for 2024 are:

  • Cayman Islands (+483%)
  • French Polynesia (+227%)
  • Osaka, Japan (+210%)
  • Tokyo, Japan (+201%)
  • US Virgin Islands (+198%)
  • Bucharest, Romania (+190%)
  • Bermuda (+184%)
  • Taipei, Taiwan (+177%)
  • St Maarten (+155%)
  • Oranjestad, Aruba (+155%)

The best-value destinations for 2024 are:

  • San Juan, Puerto Rico ($295)
  • Toronto, Canada ($348)
  • Nassau, Bahamas ($347)
  • Vancouver, Canada ($300)
  • Cancun, Mexico ($422)
  • Calgary, Canada ($429)
  • San José del Cabo, Mexico ($429)
  • Bogota, Columbia ($440)
  • Puerto Vallarta, Mexico ($460)
  • Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic ($460)

The report also provides insights into the travel types and preferences of different segments of travelers, such as solo travelers, couples, families, and groups.

Skyscanner’s Travel Trends 2024 report is a valuable resource for travelers who want to plan their trips for the next year and discover new destinations and experiences.

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