What to Serve with Taco Salad: 15 Best Side Dishes

Are you wondering what to serve with your delicious taco salad? How about some tasty tortilla soup and a side of quesadilla? And don’t forget to pair it all with a refreshing margarita for that authentic Mex taste. We’ve got you covered with the perfect side dish pairings like tortilla soup, avocado fries, quesadilla, and cheese dip that will take your taco salad experience to a whole new level.

Discover mouthwatering salsa recipes that add an extra kick to your taco salad, or try a combination of cheddar cheese and tangy sauce for an irresistible flavor mixture. You can also elevate your meal with delicious avocado fries and fancy ingredients like shredded chicken. Looking to add some warmth to your dinner table? We’ve got just the right delicious soup combo recipe that will complement the freshness of your taco salad perfectly, featuring shredded chicken.

With our valuable tips and suggestions, you’ll be able to create a delicious dining experience that will leave everyone wanting more. Whether you’re in the mood for a refreshing salad or a hearty soup, we’ve got you covered. Don’t forget to try our taco salad meal for a satisfying and tasty option. So get ready to elevate your taco salad game with this delicious recipe combo that is both easy and delectable!

Starting Simple: Basic Side Dishes for Taco Salad

The right side dish, such as refreshing salad, can take your meal, like taco salads, to the next level. Try these delicious taco salad recipes. Whether you’re hosting a party or simply enjoying a delicious taco salad recipe at home, these easy and flavorful alternatives will complement your dish perfectly. From classic favorites to delicious alternatives, here are some recipe ideas for what to serve as a side item with taco salad. These dishes can be prepared in just a few minutes.

Keep it simple with classic sides like tortilla chips and salsa

One of the easy and delicious alternatives for accompanying a taco salad is a side of tortilla chips and salsa. This recipe offers different alternatives for a tasty addition to your meal. The delicious recipe of the crunchy chips makes it an easy and delicious side item. The crispiness of the salad perfectly complements the chips, while the tangy flavors of salsa add an extra kick. Opt for traditional tomato-based salsa or experiment with variations like mango or pineapple salsa for a delicious twist in your taco salad recipes.

Taco Salad

Add some crunch with a side of fresh guacamole or pico de gallo

If you’re looking for an easy and delicious recipe to enhance the freshness and flavor profile of your taco salad, consider serving it alongside some homemade guacamole or pico de gallo. These different alternatives will add a burst of flavor to your meal. Made with easy recipe and simple ingredients such as avocado, tomato, onions, and cilantro, these condiments provide a burst of vibrant colors and zesty flavors. Different alternatives can be used for the recipe. Photo credit. The easy guacamole recipe, with its creamy texture, complements the crunchiness of the salad. Photo credit goes to [Photographer Name]. Additionally, there are different alternatives to consider for added richness.

Opt for a refreshing side of mixed greens or a simple garden salad

For those looking for different alternatives, an easy recipe for a taco salad is always a good choice. Serving mixed greens or a simple garden salad alongside your taco salad is always a good choice. Photo credit: [insert photo credit]. The recipe for these salads includes fresh vegetables, which not only provide additional nutrients but also help balance out the heartiness of the main dish. Photo credit: [insert photo credit]. Consider adding corn kernels or black beans to the recipe to tie in Mexican flavors seamlessly. Photo credit: [insert photo credit here].

Enjoy the traditional combination of rice and beans alongside your taco salad

To create a more substantial meal experience, why not pair your taco salad recipe with classic sides like rice and beans? Don’t forget to give photo credit. This traditional recipe combination adds depth and texture to your plate. Photo credit: [insert photo credit here]. Whether you choose a fluffy white rice recipe or opt for a more flavorful Spanish rice recipe, it will complement the various flavors of your taco salad perfectly. Photo credit. Add some seasoned black beans or refried beans to this recipe for a protein-packed addition. Don’t forget to give photo credit!

Elevate Your Meal: Advanced Side Dishes to Complement Taco Salad

Impress your guests with gourmet options like grilled corn on the cob or roasted vegetables. Try out this delicious recipe for grilled corn on the cob or roasted vegetables. Don’t forget to give photo credit to the person who took the picture. Grilling corn on the cob adds a smoky flavor to this recipe, perfectly complementing the vibrant taste of taco salad. Photo credit: [insert photo credit here]. The recipe’s charred kernels add a delightful crunch to each bite, while the sweetness of the corn balances out the spices in the salad. (Photo credit: [insert photo credit here]) Roasted vegetables, such as bell peppers, zucchini, and onions, add depth of flavor and caramelization to your meal. Try this delicious recipe for roasted vegetables. Photo credit: [insert photo credit here]. Their tender texture pairs well with the crispness of taco salad. This recipe, with its perfect combination of flavors, is sure to be a hit. Don’t forget to give photo credit to the talented photographer who captured this delicious dish.

Indulge in the richness of creamy avocado dressing or chipotle mayo with this delicious recipe. Don’t forget to give photo credit when sharing your mouthwatering creations. Creamy avocado dressing, a recipe that adds a luxurious and velvety element to your taco salad experience. Photo credit. Made with ripe avocados, tangy lime juice, and fragrant herbs, this recipe for dressing enhances every ingredient it touches. Photo credit: [Insert photographer’s name]. Chipotle mayo is the key ingredient in this recipe, providing a smoky and slightly spicy kick that elevates your taco salad to new heights. Photo credit: [insert photo credit here]. The creamy consistency, with photo credit, coats each component beautifully, adding an extra layer of indulgence.

Enhance your taco salad with flavorful toppings such as pickled onions or queso fresco. Don’t forget to give photo credit! Pickled onions, with their tangy and refreshing taste, provide a delightful contrast to the robust flavors in your taco salad. (Photo credit: ) The acidity, photo credit, cuts through any richness and brings brightness to every bite. Queso fresco is a crumbly Mexican cheese that adds both creaminess and saltiness to your dish. (Photo credit) Its mild flavor allows it to complement rather than overpower the other ingredients.

Try something different by serving Mexican street corn or stuffed jalapenos on the side. Mexican street corn is an irresistible option that takes grilled corn on the cob up a notch. Slathered with mayonnaise, sprinkled with chili powder, and topped with crumbled cheese, this dish is bursting with bold flavors that harmonize perfectly with taco salad’s zestiness. Stuffed jalapenos offer a spicy and savory twist to your meal. Filled with cream cheese, wrapped in bacon, and baked until crispy, these jalapenos add a delightful crunch and heat that will leave your taste buds wanting more.

Incorporating these advanced side dishes into your taco salad experience will elevate your meal to a whole new level. Impress your guests with the gourmet options of grilled corn on the cob or roasted vegetables. Indulge in the richness of creamy avocado dressing or chipotle mayo as dipping sauces. Enhance your taco salad with flavorful toppings such as pickled onions or queso fresco. And for those looking for something different, try serving Mexican street corn or stuffed jalapenos on the side.

Mexican Flavors: Traditional Sides for an Authentic Feel

Embrace authenticity with classic Mexican sides like refried beans and Spanish rice. These traditional accompaniments are the perfect way to enhance the flavors of your taco salad and transport your taste buds to Mexico. The rich and creamy texture of refried beans, made from cooked and mashed pinto or black beans, adds a satisfying element to your meal. Paired with the vibrant colors and aromatic spices of Spanish rice, you’ll have a truly authentic Mexican dining experience.

Savor the taste of homemade flour tortillas served warm alongside your taco salad. Nothing compares to the aroma and flavor of freshly made tortillas. Whether you choose to make them from scratch or purchase them from a local market, heating them up before serving will elevate your taco salad to new heights. The soft and pillowy texture combined with the warm buttery notes will perfectly complement the bold flavors of your main dish.

Delight in the tangy flavors of Mexican coleslaw or elote-style grilled zucchini as accompaniments. Mexican coleslaw, also known as “ensalada de repollo,” offers a refreshing twist on traditional coleslaw by incorporating lime juice, cilantro, jalapeños, and other Mexican spices. This zesty side dish provides a crunchy contrast to the textures in your taco salad while adding a burst of flavor.

For those looking for something more adventurous, consider pairing your taco salad with chiles rellenos or tamales. Chiles rellenos are roasted poblano peppers stuffed with cheese or meat, then battered and fried until golden brown. The combination of smoky peppers and gooey cheese creates an explosion of flavors that will take your meal to another level.

Tamales, on the other hand, are corn-based dough filled with various ingredients such as meats, cheeses, or vegetables then wrapped in corn husks before being steamed. These little bundles of joy are not only delicious but also a staple in Mexican cuisine. Unwrapping the corn husk to reveal the moist and flavorful tamale inside is a delightful experience that will leave you craving for more.

In addition to these traditional sides, there are plenty of other options to consider when deciding what to serve with your taco salad. Some popular choices include:

  • Quesadillas: These cheesy delights can be filled with various ingredients such as chicken, beef, or vegetables. They make a great side dish or even a main course if you’re looking for something heartier.

  • Guacamole: Made from mashed avocados, lime juice, onions, and cilantro, guacamole adds a creamy and tangy element to your meal.

Healthy Choices: Nutritious Add-ons to Enhance Your Taco Salad

You have the opportunity to boost its nutritional value by incorporating healthy and wholesome ingredients. By adding nutrient-rich options, you can transform your taco salad into a satisfying and well-balanced meal. Here are some ideas to enhance your taco salad with healthy choices:

Boost nutrition with healthy additions in your taco salad itself

One way to make your taco salad more nutritious is by including various add-ons directly in the salad mix. Consider incorporating black beans, corn kernels, and diced tomatoes as they not only add vibrant colors but also provide essential vitamins and minerals. The black beans offer a good source of protein and fiber, while corn adds natural sweetness and dietary fiber. Diced tomatoes contribute lycopene, an antioxidant known for its potential health benefits.

Serve a side dish of grilled chicken breast or shrimp skewers for lean protein options

To make your taco salad more filling and satisfying, consider serving it alongside grilled chicken breast or shrimp skewers. These lean protein options not only add flavor but also provide essential amino acids necessary for muscle repair and growth. Season the shredded chicken or marinate the shrimp with garlic and other spices to enhance their taste profile.

Opt for a refreshing side of cucumber and tomato salad or a light citrus vinaigrette dressing

In addition to the main components of your taco salad, incorporating refreshing sides can elevate its overall taste experience. A cucumber and tomato salad offers a crisp texture while providing hydration due to its high water content. Alternatively, drizzle your taco salad with a light citrus vinaigrette dressing made from lemon or lime juice combined with olive oil for a zesty kick that complements the flavors of the ingredients.

Include nutrient-rich avocado slices or a side of roasted sweet potatoes to make your taco salad more wholesome

Avocado slices are an excellent addition to your taco salad as they provide healthy fats, fiber, and a creamy texture. Their rich flavor pairs well with the other ingredients, adding a satisfying element to each bite. Roasted sweet potatoes can be served as a side dish to enhance the nutritional value of your taco salad. Sweet potatoes are packed with vitamins A and C, dietary fiber, and antioxidants that promote overall health.

By incorporating these healthy options into your taco salad, you can create a nutritious and flavorful meal that satisfies both your taste buds and nutritional needs. Experiment with different combinations of ingredients to find the perfect balance for your palate. Enjoy the burst of flavors while nourishing your body with wholesome choices!

Kid-Friendly Sides: Making Taco Salad a Hit with the Little Ones

It’s essential to make sure they enjoy the meal and find it fun. By offering some delicious and exciting sides, you can turn an ordinary taco salad into a hit with the little ones. Here are some ideas to make your kid-friendly sides stand out:

Offer familiar favorites like cheesy quesadillas or mini tacos as kid-friendly sides

Kids often have their favorite foods that they love to eat over and over again. So why not incorporate these favorites as side dishes for taco salad? Cheesy quesadillas are a fantastic option that combines the goodness of melted cheese and tortillas, making them irresistible for children. Mini tacos are another fantastic choice, providing all the flavors of a traditional taco in a bite-sized form that kids will adore.

Serve up some fun with crunchy nachos topped with melted cheese and kid-approved toppings

Who doesn’t love nachos? They are crunchy, cheesy, and full of flavor – everything kids enjoy! To make this side dish even more appealing, top the nachos with melted cheese and add some kid-approved toppings such as diced tomatoes, black olives, or even guacamole. The combination of textures and flavors will surely make this snack a favorite among little ones.

Make it interactive by setting up a build-your-own taco bar with various fillings and toppings

Kids love being involved in their food preparation. Create excitement around taco salad by setting up a build-your-own taco bar where children can customize their salads with various fillings and toppings. Provide options like seasoned ground beef or shredded chicken along with an array of fresh vegetables such as lettuce, diced onions, bell peppers, and cherry tomatoes. Let them choose their desired ingredients, encouraging creativity while ensuring they get their daily dose of veggies.

Sneak in some veggies by offering carrot sticks, bell pepper strips, or cherry tomatoes as finger foods

While taco salad itself can be packed with vegetables, it’s always a good idea to offer additional veggie options. Kids might not always be eager to eat their greens, but by presenting them in a fun and finger-friendly way, they may become more inclined to give them a try. Carrot sticks, bell pepper strips, and cherry tomatoes are excellent choices that provide crunch and vibrant colors while offering essential nutrients.

Incorporating these kid-friendly sides will add an extra element of fun and excitement to your taco salad mealtime. By offering familiar favorites like cheesy quesadillas or mini tacos, you’ll ensure that there’s something for everyone at the table.

Spice it Up: Hot and Spicy Sides for Taco Salad Enthusiasts

Ignite your taste buds with spicy jalapeno poppers or fiery buffalo chicken wings on the side. These tantalizing appetizers are perfect companions to a flavorful taco salad, adding an extra punch of heat to your meal. The combination of crispy, breaded jalapenos filled with creamy cheese or tangy buffalo wings coated in a fiery sauce will leave you craving for more.

To further elevate the spiciness of your taco salad, consider incorporating tangy hot sauce, salsa verde, or habanero-infused sour cream. Drizzle some hot sauce over your salad for an instant burst of heat that will awaken your taste buds. Salsa verde, made from tomatillos and jalapenos, adds a zesty kick and refreshing flavor to complement the savory elements of the taco salad. For those who enjoy intense heat, try mixing some diced habanero peppers into sour cream for a creamy yet fiery accompaniment.

If you’re looking to explore the world of heat beyond traditional condiments, consider serving chili-spiced roasted corn or spicy black bean dip as accompaniments to your taco salad. Roasted corn seasoned with chili powder and cilantro brings a smoky and slightly sweet flavor profile that pairs wonderfully with the freshness of the salad. On the other hand, a spicy black bean dip made with crushed red pepper flakes and cumin offers a rich and robust flavor that perfectly complements the various textures in a taco salad.

For those seeking unique sides that pack a punch, indulge in chipotle-seasoned sweet potato fries or jalapeno cheddar cornbread alongside your taco salad. The smoky spice from chipotle seasoning adds depth to crispy sweet potato fries while providing an enjoyable contrast to the coolness of the salad. Alternatively, savor each bite of moist jalapeno cheddar cornbread infused with the heat of jalapenos and the richness of melted cheese.

Incorporating these hot and spicy sides into your taco salad experience will take your taste buds on a fiery adventure. From the initial kick of jalapeno poppers or buffalo chicken wings to the tangy heat of hot sauce, salsa verde, and habanero-infused sour cream, each element adds layers of flavor that complement the freshness of the salad. Exploring further, chili-spiced roasted corn and spicy black bean dip introduce new dimensions to your meal. Finally, chipotle-seasoned sweet potato fries or jalapeno cheddar cornbread provide a satisfyingly spicy accompaniment that will leave you craving more.

Sweet Endings: Desserts that Balance Out Your Taco Salad

Satisfy your sweet tooth with Mexican-inspired desserts like churros dusted in cinnamon sugar. These delectable treats are the perfect way to end your meal on a high note. Picture biting into a warm, crispy churro, its delicate exterior giving way to a soft and fluffy center. As you savor the delightful combination of cinnamon and sugar, you’ll find yourself transported to the vibrant streets of Mexico. The contrast between the savory flavors of your taco salad and the sweetness of these churros creates a mouthwatering experience that will leave you craving more.

Cool down after a spicy meal with refreshing fruit popsicles or homemade agua fresca drinks. These icy delights provide a burst of fruity goodness that complements the bold flavors of your taco salad. Whether you opt for tangy lime popsicles or tropical mango agua fresca, these cooling treats offer a delightful balance to your palate. The zesty notes from citrus fruits or the natural sweetness from ripe berries will refresh your taste buds and leave you feeling satisfied.

Balance out the savory flavors of your taco salad with a slice of creamy tres leches cake. This traditional Mexican dessert is made by soaking sponge cake in three types of milk – evaporated milk, condensed milk, and heavy cream – resulting in an indulgent and moist treat. Topped with whipped cream and fresh berries, each forkful offers a heavenly combination of textures and flavors. The richness of the cake pairs perfectly with the lighter elements in your taco salad, such as crisp lettuce, juicy tomatoes, and tangy sour cream.

Treat yourself to traditional flan or caramelized plantains for a delightful ending to your meal. Flan is a silky smooth custard dessert topped with caramel sauce that melts in your mouth with every spoonful. Its velvety texture provides an exquisite contrast to the crunchy elements found in your taco salad. On the other hand, caramelized plantains offer a unique twist with their sweet and slightly sticky exterior. The natural sweetness of ripe plantains intensifies as they caramelize, creating a dessert that is both familiar and exotic.

Drink Pairings: Quench Your Thirst The Right Way

Craving a refreshing beverage to accompany your taco salad? Look no further! We’ve got some fantastic drink pairings that will quench your thirst and perfectly complement the flavors of your meal. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic cocktail, a traditional Mexican beverage, or something light and fruity, we have options that are sure to satisfy every palate.

Cool off with a classic margarita on the rocks or opt for a refreshing mojito with a twist

Few can rival the timeless appeal of a margarita. The combination of tangy lime juice, tequila, and triple sec creates a zesty and invigorating drink that pairs exceptionally well with taco salad. Serve it on the rocks for an extra chill factor that will help beat the heat.

If you’re looking to switch things up, why not try a mojito with a twist? This Cuban favorite takes fresh mint leaves, lime juice, sugar, rum, and soda water to create a cool and minty delight. The vibrant flavors of this cocktail provide an exciting contrast to the savory notes of your taco salad.

Stay hydrated with a glass of agua de Jamaica (hibiscus tea) or horchata, a creamy rice-based drink

For those seeking non-alcoholic options or simply wanting to stay hydrated while enjoying their meal, consider agua de Jamaica or horchata. Agua de Jamaica is made from hibiscus flowers steeped in water and sweetened with sugar. It offers a tart yet floral taste profile that is both refreshing and thirst-quenching.

Horchata is another excellent choice for staying refreshed. This creamy rice-based beverage is flavored with cinnamon and vanilla. Its smooth texture combined with hints of sweetness makes it an ideal companion to balance out the spiciness of your taco salad.

Complement the flavors of your taco salad with a Mexican beer like Corona or Dos Equis

It’s hard to go wrong with a cold, crisp beer. Corona and Dos Equis are two popular options that complement the flavors of your taco salad exceptionally well. The light and refreshing nature of these beers helps cleanse the palate between bites, enhancing the overall dining experience.

Quench your thirst with a zesty citrus-infused sparkling water or a fruity agua fresca.

If you’re looking for something lighter but still packed with flavor, consider opting for a zesty citrus-infused sparkling water or an agua fresca.


Congratulations! You’ve now explored a variety of options to serve alongside your delicious taco salad. Whether you’re looking for simple, elevated, traditional, healthy, kid-friendly, spicy, or sweet sides, we’ve got you covered. With these ideas in mind, you can take your taco salad game to the next level and impress your friends and family at your next gathering.

Now that you have plenty of inspiration for side dishes to accompany your taco salad creation, it’s time to get cooking! Experiment with different combinations and flavors to find what works best for you. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and add your own personal touch. Remember, the key is to have fun while preparing and serving your taco salad feast!


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