Will Hurd Ends 2024 Presidential Bid and Supports Nikki Haley

Former Texas congressman Will Hurd announced on Monday that he is dropping out of the 2024 Republican presidential race and endorsing former South Carolina governor and UN ambassador Nikki Haley. Hurd, who was a vocal critic of former President Donald Trump, said he made the decision to unify the party and prevent another Trump victory.

Nikki Haley

Hurd’s Statement

In a statement posted on X, the social media platform that replaced Twitter, Hurd said he knew he was a “dark horse candidate” when he launched his campaign in June, but he was motivated by his message of “unity and common sense”. He thanked his supporters, staff, and donors for their efforts and contributions.

However, he also acknowledged the “realities of the political landscape” and the need to “consolidate our party around one person to defeat both Donald Trump and President Biden”. He warned that if the Republicans do not unite behind a single candidate, they will “repeat the same errors as in 2016”.

Hurd praised Haley as the best choice for the GOP nomination, citing her experience in foreign policy, national security, and economic development. He said Haley has the “vision, courage, and leadership” to restore America’s standing in the world and bring prosperity to all Americans.

He urged his fellow candidates to rally around Haley and join him in supporting her campaign. He also called on all Republicans to reject Trump’s divisive rhetoric and policies, and embrace a more inclusive and optimistic vision for the future.

Haley’s Response

Haley welcomed Hurd’s endorsement and thanked him for his service to the country and the party. She said she was honored to have his support and friendship, and that she looked forward to working with him on the issues that matter to Americans.

Haley also reiterated her campaign message of being a “strong leader who can take on Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and the radical left”. She said she would fight for lower taxes, secure borders, energy independence, school choice, free speech, and a strong military. She said she would also stand with Israel and other allies, and confront China and other adversaries.

Haley said America is at a crossroads and it is time to come together and make Joe Biden a one-term president. She asked voters to join her campaign and help her win the nomination and the general election.

Impact on the GOP Race

Hurd’s exit from the race leaves 11 candidates vying for the Republican nomination. According to FiveThirtyEight’s GOP presidential polling average, Haley is currently in second place with 18.7% support, behind Florida Governor Ron DeSantis who has 23.4%. Trump is in third place with 16.9%, followed by former Vice President Mike Pence with 10.2%.

Hurd’s endorsement could boost Haley’s chances of winning over more moderate and anti-Trump voters, who may be looking for an alternative to DeSantis or Trump. Hurd was one of the few Republicans who voted to impeach Trump in 2021 for his role in inciting the Capitol riot on January 6. He also criticized Trump for spreading false claims of election fraud and undermining democracy.

Haley has also distanced herself from Trump in recent months, saying that he “let us down” and that he has no future in the party. However, she has also praised some of his policies and achievements, such as his tax cuts, deregulation, judicial appointments, and foreign policy moves. She has tried to balance her appeal to both Trump supporters and critics within the GOP base.

Hurd is the second candidate to drop out of the race and endorse Haley. In August, Miami Mayor Francis Suarez also suspended his campaign and backed Haley. Suarez said he was impressed by Haley’s record as governor and ambassador, and her ability to attract diverse voters.

The next Republican debate is scheduled for October 18 in Las Vegas, Nevada. It will be hosted by Fox News and moderated by Bret Baier, Martha MacCallum, and Chris Wallace. The candidates who have qualified for the debate are DeSantis, Haley, Trump, Pence, Ted Cruz, Tom Cotton, Josh Hawley, Kristi Noem, Marco Rubio, Ben Sasse, and Tim Scott.

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