Cible Skin, a French Luxury Skincare Brand, Gets Investment from Verlinvest

Cible Skin, a French luxury skincare brand that offers innovative and sustainable products based on immuno-cosmetics, has received a significant minority investment from Verlinvest, a global consumer-focused investment company. The investment will help Cible Skin to expand its presence in existing and new markets, such as Europe, China, and the US, and to develop new products and treatments that use its patented technology.

Cible Skin
Cible Skin

Cible Skin: A Pioneer in Immuno-Cosmetics

Cible Skin was founded in 2015 by Dr. Raphaël Aknin, a pharmaceutical doctor, and Jean Ginefri, an entrepreneur, with the mission of creating a skincare brand that uses the science of cell immunity and rejuvenation to produce the most effective results. Cible Skin takes a rigorous, research-backed approach to developing high-quality formulations, made in France with the best natural, clean, and active ingredients.

Cible Skin’s products are based on immuno-cosmetics, a clinically proven method that boosts the immune system of skin cells to protect, regenerate, and repair the skin, with powerful anti-aging, anti-imperfection, antioxidant, and ultra-moisturizing effects. Cible Skin draws on the expertise of its Scientific Committee, chaired by Dr. Aknin, which combines decades of experience in regenerative medicine and immunological science.

Cible Skin offers a range of skincare products, including cleansers, serums, and moisturizers, as well as exclusive treatments at its flagship clinic in Paris, La Maison Cible Skin, where customers can enjoy a luxurious experience and personalized, technical, and scientific guidance through their skincare journey. Cible Skin has gained a cult following among its customers, which include top celebrities, and has been named “the world’s best beauty clinic for anti-aging treatments” by Forbes in 2023.

Verlinvest: A Global Consumer-Focused Investment Company

Verlinvest is a global consumer-focused investment company, founded in 1995 by the founding families of Anheuser-Busch InBev. Verlinvest invests in fast-growing companies that offer premium products and services that cater to the evolving needs and preferences of consumers. Verlinvest has a long-term and flexible approach to investing, and supports its portfolio companies with strategic, operational, and financial expertise.

Verlinvest has a strong track record of investing in the beauty and personal care sector, with previous and current investments in companies such as By Terry, Drunk Elephant, Fresh, and Hourglass. Verlinvest has also invested in other consumer sectors, such as food and beverage, health and wellness, e-commerce, and education, with portfolio companies such as Oatly, Popchips, Hint, Sula, and BYJU’S.

A Strategic Partnership for Growth and Innovation

Verlinvest has acquired a significant minority stake in Cible Skin, with the aim of supporting the brand’s growth and innovation. Verlinvest will help Cible Skin to expand its presence in existing and new markets, such as Europe, China, and the US, where there is a growing demand for luxury, science-backed, and sustainable skincare products. Verlinvest will also help Cible Skin to develop new products and treatments that leverage its unique immuno-cosmetic technology, and to strengthen its brand, community, and organization.

Raphaël Thiolon, Managing Director at Verlinvest, said: “It is rare in the beauty industry to find a brand like Cible Skin that combines a truly innovative product offering with a science-backed mission and phenomenal results that customers love. Verlinvest is thrilled to be partnering with Raphaël, Jean, and their team to bring Cible Skin’s unique immuno-cosmetic approach to the most discerning skincare consumers around the world.”

Cecile Chevallier, Principal at Verlinvest, added: “We’re excited to support Cible Skin’s expansion in existing and new markets, and our immediate priority will be to help the business in growing digital, commercial, and marketing capabilities, as well as reinforcing its brand, community, and organization.”

Jean Ginefri, President and Co-Founder of Cible Skin, said: “With this investment from Verlinvest, Cible Skin will be able to accelerate deployment in our two main markets, France and China, while evaluating the potential for further expansion across Europe and America. Cible Skin stands out in the competitive skincare industry through the unrivalled satisfaction and advocacy from our customers. Our goal over the next five years is to become the market leader in luxury, science-backed, cosmetics and we believe Verlinvest is the perfect partner to help us on this path, with their track record of supporting strong international growth while preserving and strengthening the DNA of the brands they back.”

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