Farm Rio Celebrates Partnership with Yawanawa Community with Capsule Collection

Farm Rio, a Brazilian fashion brand known for its statement prints, has launched a capsule collection in collaboration with the Yawanawa community, an indigenous people living in the Amazon rainforest. The collection, which features 13 new styles and two beaded accessories, is inspired by the Yawanawa’s culture, nature, and art. The collection is also a result of a seven-year partnership between Farm Rio and the Yawanawa community, which aims to support their social, cultural, and environmental well-being.

Yawanawa community
Yawanawa community

The Yawanawa Community: Guardians of the Forest

The Yawanawa are an indigenous people who live in Acre, Brazil, near the border with Peru and Bolivia. They have a population of about 1,300 people, who live in seven villages along the Gregorio River. The Yawanawa have a strong connection to nature, which is reflected in their rituals, ceremonies, and crafts. They use natural resources, such as plants, seeds, and feathers, to create their clothing, jewelry, and body paint. They also practice traditional medicine, using herbs and plants to heal and prevent diseases.

The Yawanawa are also guardians of the forest, protecting their homeland of 500,000 acres of tropical forest from deforestation and exploitation. They have faced many challenges and threats in the past, such as slavery, violence, and disease, which reduced their population and culture. However, they have managed to recover and revitalize their identity and traditions, with the help of various organizations and allies. They have also gained legal recognition and rights over their land, and have established their own governance and education systems.

The Farm Rio x Yawanawa Collection: A Celebration of Culture and Nature

The Farm Rio x Yawanawa collection is a celebration of the culture and nature of the Yawanawa community, as well as the partnership between the two parties. The collection features three exclusive prints, which depict the sacred plants, animals, and spaces of the Yawanawa. The prints are applied to dresses, blouses, and T-shirts, which are made of organic cotton and linen. The collection also includes two beaded accessories, The Drop Chain Pouch and The Boudoir Gloves, which are handmade by the Yawanawa women, using their traditional techniques and materials.

The collection is a result of a collaborative process, which involved dialogue and exchange between Farm Rio and the Yawanawa community. The collection aims to honor and respect the Yawanawa’s heritage and values, and to share their stories and wisdom with the world. The collection also aims to support the Yawanawa’s social, cultural, and environmental projects, which include festivals, reforestation, women’s health, and internet access. Farm Rio has been investing in these projects since 2017, as part of its commitment to sustainability and social responsibility.

The Farm Rio x Yawanawa Campaign: A Drop in Time

The Farm Rio x Yawanawa collection is accompanied by a campaign titled ‘A Drop in Time by Farm Rio x Yawanawa’, which features director Greg Swales, artistic director of fashion Carine Roitfeld, and supermodel Jasmine Tookes. The campaign showcases the collection and the Yawanawa community, highlighting their beauty, diversity, and harmony. The campaign also invites the viewers to experience a drop in time, a moment of connection and appreciation of nature and culture.

The campaign was shot in the Yawanawa’s homeland, in the Amazon rainforest, with the participation and consent of the community. The campaign also follows the ethical and environmental guidelines of Farm Rio and the Yawanawa, ensuring that the production was respectful and responsible. The campaign also supports the conservation and restoration of the forest, by planting one tree for every purchase of the collection.

The collection is available on Farm Rio’s website and stores, in the US and Europe. The collection is sold in limited quantities, and ranges from $98 to $230 for the clothing, and $2,300 for the accessories.

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