Louis XIII Cognac and LaQuan Smith Launch Exclusive Accessories Collection

Louis XIII Cognac, the heritage cognac house, and LaQuan Smith, the renowned ready-to-wear designer, have unveiled an exclusive limited-edition accessories collection that combines high fashion with cognac tasting. The collection features two bespoke accessories, The Drop Chain Pouch and The Boudoir Gloves, that reflect the unique style and heritage of both brands. The collection is accompanied by a campaign titled ‘A Drop in Time by Louis XIII x LaQuan Smith’, featuring director Greg Swales, artistic director of fashion Carine Roitfeld, and supermodel Jasmine Tookes.

Louis XIII Cognac
Louis XIII Cognac

The Drop Chain Pouch and The Boudoir Gloves: A Fusion of Fashion and Tradition

The Drop Chain Pouch and The Boudoir Gloves are the two bespoke accessories that make up the Louis XIII x LaQuan Smith collection. The Drop Chain Pouch, made of pure silver and inspired by vintage flasks and bottles, is designed to hold a single bottle of Louis XIII The Drop, a miniature crystal decanter that contains a single drop of Louis XIII Cognac. The Drop Chain Pouch can be worn as a necklace or a belt, and is engraved with the Louis XIII and LaQuan Smith logos.

The Boudoir Gloves are opera-length gloves crafted from demure mesh with velvet detailing, that incorporate design elements from LaQuan Smith’s signature mesh catsuit. The Boudoir Gloves are meant to enhance the ritual of tasting Louis XIII Cognac, which is traditionally served with white gloves. The Boudoir Gloves also add a touch of glamour and sensuality to the experience, and can be paired with LaQuan Smith’s ready-to-wear designs.

The collection is sold as a set for $2,300 in extremely limited quantities, and is available on the Louis XIII and LaQuan Smith websites.

LaQuan Smith: A Visionary Designer with a Passion for Louis XIII Cognac

LaQuan Smith, who founded his eponymous label in 2008, is a visionary designer who is known for his bold and glamorous creations, that have been worn by celebrities such as Beyoncé, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, and Cardi B. Smith, who is based in New York, is also a passionate fan of Louis XIII Cognac, and has been enjoying the spirit for years.

Smith said that he was thrilled to partner with Louis XIII Cognac, and that the collaboration encapsulates innovation and redefines the Louis XIII tasting experience. He said that the collection is designed to spark conversation, and to merge high fashion with the elegance of the Maison’s time-honored rituals. He also said that he wanted to create accessories that are timeless and versatile, and that can be worn by anyone who appreciates style and quality.

Louis XIII Cognac: A Heritage Brand with a Modern Outlook

Louis XIII Cognac, which was founded in 1874, is a heritage brand that produces a rare and exquisite cognac, that is made from a blend of up to 1,200 eaux-de-vie, aged for up to 100 years in oak barrels. Louis XIII Cognac, which is owned by Rémy Martin, is known for its rich and complex taste, its distinctive crystal decanter, and its refined and sophisticated service.

Louis XIII Cognac, which has a modern outlook, has collaborated with various artists and innovators, such as Pharrell Williams, John Legend, and Hermès, to create unique and memorable experiences and products. Louis XIII Cognac, which is also committed to sustainability and social responsibility, has partnered with various organizations, such as The Film Foundation, The Nature Conservancy, and The Explorers Club, to support their causes and initiatives.

Tina Reejsinghani, vice president of luxury brands at Rémy Cointreau USA, said that the collaboration with Louis XIII Cognac and LaQuan Smith highlights their shared commitment to both modernity and timelessness. She said that they were delighted to showcase a truly unique collection and campaign, that celebrates the craftsmanship and style of both brands.

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