Frame’s Strategic Move: Appointing New Leadership for EMEA Expansion

In a bold move to escalate its presence across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), the Californian luxury fashion house Frame has appointed Thomas Lecoq as the new CEO for these markets. This strategic decision comes as part of Frame’s ambitious plan to more than double its revenue in the EMEA region, aiming for a target of 60 million US dollars within the next three years.

The Visionary Behind the Brand’s Growth

Thomas Lecoq, the newly appointed CEO, brings with him over 15 years of experience in the fashion industry. His expertise spans across esteemed brands such as Ganni, Zimmerman, Vince, Marc Jacobs, and Giorgio Armani. Lecoq’s leadership is expected to drive significant growth, leveraging Frame’s strong foundation in quality and design.

Frame’s journey began with its iconic denim collection, which continues to be a cornerstone of the brand. However, the company has successfully diversified its offerings, with women’s ready-to-wear now accounting for half of its global sales. This marks a substantial increase from just 15 percent four years ago, showcasing the brand’s ability to evolve and resonate with its audience.


The introduction of the men’s collection three years ago has also seen rapid growth, indicating a promising future for this segment. With Lecoq at the helm, Frame is poised to capitalize on these developments and further cement its position in the global fashion market.

Expanding Footprints and Fashion Frontiers

Under Lecoq’s guidance, Frame’s expansion strategy involves a multifaceted approach. The brand plans to enhance its e-commerce platforms and increase its physical retail presence, with two flagship stores already established in London. These locations, situated on Marylebone High Street and Draycott Avenue in South Kensington, are just the beginning of Frame’s retail expansion in the EMEA region.

Concessions and wholesale partnerships are also integral to Frame’s growth strategy. By nurturing these relationships, Frame aims to extend its reach and accessibility, making its high-quality, design-forward products available to a broader audience.

Setting the Stage for Global Success

Nicolas Dreyfus, the global chief executive of Frame, has expressed confidence in the brand’s trajectory. With a significant presence in department stores worldwide and stores in major US cities, Frame is well-positioned for this new chapter of expansion. The brand’s innovative approach to retail, exemplified by its elevated store concepts in Madison, Marylebone, and Georgetown, reflects its commitment to an exceptional customer experience.

As Frame activates its strategy for the EMEA markets, the potential for growth, especially in the men’s line, is substantial. The brand’s success story is not just about numbers but also about the impact it has made on the fashion industry through its exceptional quality, design, and marketing strategies.

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