Megan Fox reveals how Machine Gun Kelly inspired her to rediscover her fashion sense

Megan Fox, the Hollywood actress and model, has opened up about her fashion journey and how her fiancé Machine Gun Kelly influenced her style choices. Fox, who recently graced the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition, said she used to live in “nothing but sweatpants” before meeting the rapper.

Megan Fox

From sex symbol to fashion icon

Fox, 37, told WWD that she had been categorized as a sex symbol in the industry and was advised to dress more seriously to gain respect as an actor. However, she said she never liked the way she was styled by publicists and stylists and gave up on fashion altogether.

“I kind of ran from fashion and lived in nothing but sweatpants or workout clothes and never wanted to express myself,” she said. “And then more recently, I rediscovered my love for fashion and I realized that I had been dressing for other people this whole time and I had to find what I loved and what I felt confident in.”

Machine Gun Kelly’s influence

Fox said that meeting Machine Gun Kelly, whom she started dating in June 2020, changed her perspective on fashion and helped her experiment with different looks. She said the rapper, who is known for his eccentric and edgy style, encouraged her to express herself more and introduced her to Maeve Reilly, her current stylist.

“He’s slightly eccentric in the way that he dresses, and that has freed me up to express myself more. And he helped hook me up with Maeve Reilly, my stylist. She’s adventurous too. And she wants to dress me the way that I feel,” Fox said.

Fox and Machine Gun Kelly, whose real name is Colson Baker, announced their engagement last week on Instagram, with a video of them kissing and showing off their matching nail art. Fox also revealed that they drank each other’s blood to seal their bond.

Fox’s fashion evolution

Fox has been turning heads with her daring and bold outfits on red carpets and events, often matching with her beau. She has worn sheer and revealing dresses by Mugler, Versace and Dolce & Gabbana, as well as edgy and chic suits by Robert Aeiner and Stella McCartney. She has also embraced smaller and lesser-known labels, such as Knwls, Jacquemus and Dion Lee, showing her fashion savvy and versatility.

Fox said she enjoys playing with fashion and having fun with it, and that she doesn’t take herself too seriously. She also said she doesn’t care about the critics or the haters, as long as she feels good in what she wears.

“I don’t dress for other people, I don’t dress for journalists, I don’t dress for awards shows, I don’t dress for any of that,” she said. “I dress for myself and I dress for the people that follow me on Instagram that are excited to see what I’m going to wear.”

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