Toni Belloni Bids Farewell to LVMH After Two Decades

Toni Belloni, a name synonymous with the growth and success of the LVMH Group, has decided to step down from his role as Group Managing Director after a remarkable 23-year tenure. His departure marks the end of an influential chapter in the luxury conglomerate’s history.

A Storied Career

Belloni’s journey with LVMH has been nothing short of extraordinary. Joining forces with Bernard Arnault, he has been a driving force behind the group’s strategic decisions, acquisitions, and the nurturing of its brand portfolio. His leadership has seen LVMH through countless market evolutions, always emerging stronger and more diversified.

Under his stewardship, LVMH has not only expanded its global footprint but also solidified its position as a leader in the luxury sector. Belloni’s vision and execution have been pivotal in the group’s ability to adapt and thrive in the fast-paced world of high fashion and luxury goods.


The Transition of Leadership

With Belloni’s departure, the baton is passed to Stéphane Bianchi, who will take over the operational functions and chair the Group’s Executive Committee. Bianchi’s previous experience as CEO of the Watches and Jewellery division positions him well to steer LVMH into its next phase of growth and innovation.

This transition comes at a time when the luxury market is facing new challenges and opportunities, particularly in the digital and data realms. Bianchi’s leadership will be key in navigating these waters and continuing the legacy of excellence that Belloni has upheld.

Looking to the Future

As Belloni steps into a new role, overseeing strategic missions for Arnault and serving as President of LVMH Italy, the group looks forward with anticipation to the fresh perspectives Bianchi will bring. The luxury world watches keenly as LVMH turns the page, ready to write its next chapter of success and sophistication.

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