How a Travel Agent Saved a Couple’s Dream Vacation from Disaster

A travel agent from New Zealand has been hailed as a hero for going the extra mile to save a couple’s dream vacation from being ruined by a flight cancellation. The agent, named as Sarah, managed to book a last-minute charter flight for the couple, who were supposed to fly to Fiji for their 25th wedding anniversary.


A Surprise Trip Turned into a Nightmare

The couple, named as John and Jane, had planned to surprise each other with a trip to Fiji, where they had spent their honeymoon. They had booked their flights and accommodation separately, without telling each other, and only revealed their plans on the day of departure.

However, their surprise turned into a nightmare when they arrived at the airport and found out that their flight had been cancelled due to bad weather. They were told that the next available flight was in four days, which would mean losing half of their vacation time.

They tried to contact their travel agent, Sarah, who had booked their accommodation, but she was not working that day. They left a message on her voicemail, explaining their situation and asking for help.

A Travel Agent with a Heart of Gold

Sarah, who works for Flight Centre, heard the message when she checked her phone later that day. She felt sorry for the couple and decided to do something to help them. She called the airline and tried to find an alternative flight for them, but there was none.

She then contacted a charter company and asked if they had any flights to Fiji that day. Luckily, they had one, but it was very expensive. Sarah decided to pay for the flight out of her own pocket, without telling the couple. She called them back and told them to go to the airport as soon as possible, as she had found a flight for them.

The couple was overjoyed and thanked Sarah profusely. They rushed to the airport and boarded the charter flight, which took them to Fiji in less than three hours. They arrived at their resort and enjoyed their vacation, unaware of how much Sarah had done for them.

A Happy Ending and a Grateful Couple

When the couple returned from their trip, they found out that Sarah had paid for their flight, which cost more than $10,000. They were shocked and touched by her generosity and kindness. They tried to repay her, but she refused to accept any money. She said that she just wanted them to have a good time and celebrate their anniversary.

The couple wrote a letter to Flight Centre, praising Sarah and calling her a hero. They also posted their story on social media, where it went viral and received thousands of likes and comments. Many people applauded Sarah for her amazing customer service and compassion. Some even said that she deserved a promotion or a bonus.

Sarah said that she was overwhelmed by the positive response and that she did not expect any recognition or reward. She said that she was just doing her job and that she loved helping people. She said that she was happy that the couple had a wonderful vacation and that she hoped to see them again.

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