Uovo: The ultimate storage solution for luxury fashion lovers

If you are a luxury fashion lover with a large collection of garments, footwear and accessories, you might have faced the challenge of finding enough space and proper care for your precious items. You might have also wished for a personal archivist who could catalog, photograph and pack your pieces for optimal preservation. Well, your wish might have come true with Uovo, a rapidly growing company that offers state-of-the-art storage facilities for fashion, art and wine.


Uovo: From art collectors to fashion enthusiasts

Uovo, which means egg in Italian, was founded by art collectors in 2014 in Long Island City, where it has a 280,000-square-foot facility. The company owns more than a dozen storage facilities across New York, Connecticut and Florida, where it provides temperature-controlled, air-purified and secure spaces for storing and displaying art collections. Uovo also offers transportation, packing and crating, viewing galleries and installation services for its art clients.

In 2019, Uovo expanded its services to the fashion sector, after acquiring Garde Robe, a wardrobe concierge company that catered to celebrities, stylists and fashion houses. Uovo now offers a range of services for fashion lovers, such as:

  • Fashion storage: Uovo stores garments, footwear and accessories in ideal environmental conditions and prevents material damage from pests. Each item is inspected, cataloged, photographed and packed to ensure the highest level of preservation.
  • Seasonal wardrobe storage: Uovo helps clients swap out their seasonal wardrobes and delivers their items to their homes or offices. Uovo also arranges dry cleaning and laundering for the items.
  • Wedding wardrobe storage: Uovo preserves wedding gowns, suits and accessories in acid-free tissue paper and muslin bags. Uovo also offers bridal emergency kits and delivery services for the wedding day.
  • Archiving solutions: Uovo helps fashion brands and designers archive their collections and samples. Uovo also provides digital inventory management and viewing rooms for the clients.
  • Travel and delivery services: Uovo packs, ships and delivers the client’s luggage to their destination and returns it to the storage facility after the trip. Uovo also offers international shipping and customs clearance for the items.

Uovo: A growing demand for luxury fashion storage

Uovo has seen a growing demand for its fashion storage services, especially from high-end clients who have large and valuable collections. Uovo’s client roster already includes Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Thom Browne, Oscar de la Renta, Carolina Herrera and Jason Wu. Uovo also works with museums, auction houses and collectors who need to store and display their fashion items.

Uovo’s co-founder Steve Novenstein said that the company’s expansion into the fashion sector was driven by the increasing awareness of the importance of preserving clothes instead of buying new and replacement items. He also said that seasonless dressing has become the new norm, as people travel more and have different wardrobe needs throughout the year.

Uovo’s fashion storage services start from $350 per month for a 4x4x4-foot locker that can fit up to 50 garments. The company also offers customized solutions for larger collections and special requests. Uovo’s website claims that its services are “more than just storage, it’s peace of mind”.

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